Hedda Hondon Raastoff


Hedda Hondon is the artist behind all drawings and paintings on this website

(for now). What is just as pertinent about Hedda’s art as its finished material result seen on this website, is the unique context for its creation, practiced on an uncompromising daily basis; to live exclusively according to what physically exists, undestructively in all aspects of her being and doing, and open for collaboration with anyone and anything concurring with the notion that the only art of relevance for her to create or participate in is produced merely as a natural extension of such (a) life lived.

She used to live according to conventional societal family life on the surface of the planetcrust called Denmark, without artistic or creative pursuit in any direction. This was up untill meeting with and engaging in what would turn out to be a profoundly lifechanging as well as lifelong artistic, personal and parental relationship with life-artist/poet Abéling Raastoff (stagename Wofe), who had manifested and implemented around hercells as a mother a unique set of methods for living, eventually condensed into a single simple sentence of life-permeating consensus; zero tolerance regarding adult damaging actives around the children, starting with ourselves.

Here Hedda met for the first time in her adulthood, amongst several other mothers, fathers and youngsters, the inspiration to activating her dormant traits and talents, firstly as a parent and a human individual and followingly - in Hedda’s case - as a painter.

Through symbiotic collaboration in the creation of art with Abéling as well as in (and inherently inseperable from) all other aspects of her life, the core concept of Hedda’s art is as indisputable as it is a non-patentable;